MURAL WE HAVE SELECTED THE ARTISTS THAT WILL TRANSFORM YORKTOWN CENTER'S MAIN ENTRANCE We are excited to share their vision with the community in the upcoming weeks!! MURAL UPDATE! MURAL

Paid Artist Opportunity Kicks-Off the 2021 Yorktown Center Mural Project!

Yorktown Center is dedicated to fostering community collaborations and partnerships. We pride ourselves as a destination that offers unique experiences in retail, entertainment, art, culture,wellness and dining. At the heart of our center is community engagement. We view art as a catalyst for community-led conversations that shape visions for how a new, shared retail experience can come to life. By providing artist opportunities through commissions and working with a diverse group of residents, curators and creatives in all of our programming, we aim to perfect the art of creating an elevated experience to remember.

Through Yorktown Center’s Call for local Artists, we invited artists of all backgrounds to apply for the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor mural at our center— with all expenses paid! Reflecting the spirit of the Chicagoland Area, we encouraged applications that inspire and celebrate coming together at Yorktown Center.

Read more about the scope of the project and our winning artists below.



April 25, 2021


April 28, 2021


June 1, 2021


June 2021


A local artist or artist team who can (1) demonstrate artistic excellence, (2) complete the project on-time, and (3) within the budget allotted, are encouraged to apply. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age and currently reside in the Chicagoland Area.


Create a larger-than-life public art piece for an outdoor environment that reflects the spirit of the Chicagoland Area, which will be seen for generations to come.

Engages community by opening a new, highly-visible destination that emanates creativity, invites interaction, empowers participation and inspires opportunities for collaboration.


Designated approximately 2,430 sq. ft. of space on the exterior wall of Yorktown Center’s main entrance, along Butterfield Road. Please see dimensions of the wall area[s] in the photo below. All artist applicants must consider the location and site area as-is in their submitted design. In addition to providing a thoughtful visual of your design, artists should specify any surface preparation[s] needed prior to painting — such as primer or base paint color, etc.


We are excited to announce that our art panel, consisting of representatives from Yorktown Center, Pacific Retail and the Village of Lombard has selected the team of Veronica Martinez  & Edgar Sosa as the winning artists to transform Yorktown Center’s main entrance. While we can’t unveil their design yet, we’re excited to be able to share their vision with the community in the upcoming weeks!