A Stock and Housekeeping Associate maintains a clean store environment for customers and employees.  Unloads truck of new merchandise and supplies, distributes it to the proper areas, and loads merchandise and supplies onto the truck to go to other store locations.  Primary job responsibilities of a Stock & Housekeeping Associate include the following:

-Vacuums assigned portion of carpeted areas daily.  Vacuums around edges in dressing rooms and other areas weekly, or as needed.  Removes carpet spots as needed.

-Cleans and restocks rest rooms daily.  Checks and cleans rest rooms every hour, depending on how busy the store is.

-Cleans entrances, escalators, employee lounges, locker room and restrooms daily.

-Dry mops floors daily.  May wet mop floors, or clean floors with scrubbing machine several times a week.  Removes spots as needed.

-Collects trash, dumps ash trays, collects and crushes empty boxes daily.

-Unloads truck, sorts new merchandise, and delivers it to the proper department.

-Picks up merchandise to be transferred to another store and loads it on the truck; prepares and loads outgoing truck shipments.